How Using AI Software Tools or Services to Document Your Meetings With Your VA Can Keep You on the Same Page

Today started out as a normal Monday morning. I met with my virtual assistant at 8:00 a.m. Just like most Monday mornings we use zoom to meet so we can see each other share screens and develop a rapport.

Prior to our meeting today, I had installed a plug-in with zoom called As soon as I started the meeting, announced to me that it would be recording the meeting and doing a bit of analytics on it. OK Great!

We started our meeting like normal: we discussed our weekend and the things we did, and then we got into discussing the tasks that my VA was working on. I looked at the progress he had made and we went over a couple of mistakes. I showed him how to fix the mistakes, and then we talked about a couple other projects that he’s working on.

Read.AI Summary, Recording, and Transcription

After about an hour or so we ended the meeting and I checked my email like normal I realized that had sent me a synopsis of our meeting! You can see the summary that was sent to me below. Included in the synopsis was an overview of what we talked about including the main topics, action items, and key questions. In addition, I could see some metrics as far as our engagement and sentiment.

I was also able to click over to’s website and view a larger report. Included in this report was a transcript of our entire meeting, and the software even made a trailer of our meeting.

Overall, the software did a pretty good job at delineating the topics we went over. I also liked the list of action items that It produced.

Are AI Tools like Useful and Helpful?

This type of reporting is useful if two things align:

  1. Number one is the data accurate?
  2. And number two, is there a use for this data?


In this case, the software was pretty good at delineating the topics we went over and the action items following the meeting. The data was fairly accurate. There were a few mistakes and it wasn’t perfect, but overall this software did a great job of summarizing what we went over.

This software will improve over time as the models are trained.

As far as a use for this data, I sent the transcript and the recording to my virtual assistant after the meeting. I did this in case my virtual assistant was confused about the task or one of the steps in the task. Sometimes when you work with another person and you verbally give them tasks to complete, they miss some steps or get confused in the middle of the process. In these cases, when it’s time to meet to review what they have done, it can be very frustrating when the work is not done correctly or it’s not completed. I wanted to head this off at the pass by sending him the transcript and the video prior to our next meeting. This way, if he was confused or couldn’t remember how to do something he could go back and reread or rewatch part of our meeting to make sure he had everything done correctly.

How My Life Changes Using AI Tools

With this new workflow I am hoping that our meetings can be more productive, that my virtual assistant feels more in control, that my virtual assistant does the task correctly that he needs to do, and that we as a company can provide better service to our customers because we are completing the items we discussed in our meetings correctly.

This is just one example of using an artificial intelligence tool to streamline processes and improve quality of work. It seems as if every day there are 100 new tools that we can use similar to this.

I encourage you to play around with tools that look like they are a good fit for you and your company. Remember that we are at the onset of a new revolution and how we are working with our data. I believe as time goes on we will work with fewer applications but have more control over all of our content and our data. It’s exciting to be alive at this time and to see where these AI tools take us.

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