How To Build A Website From Scratch

Tired of lackluster results from your DIY website? This comprehensive website-building course is the answer to amplifying your online presence and Profits


Feel Like a Rock Star

Guidance Given by Seasoned Website Developers and Experts

Over the past 23 years, we have answered so many questions for our clients, and we answer them all here in one place just for you.  We know the doubts you have, the questions you have, and where you need assistance, and we deliver a solution. We have learned coding, learned design, learned methodologies, learned processes, and most of all learned about customers like you.

Less Frustration

Our Coaches are Easy to Understand

We are techies that know how to speak to you in regular English! We start from the beginning and go at a nice pace, explaining a lot of tips we have learned over the years. Our videos are just the right speed, easy to understand, and super helpful. 

Take Your Self-Built Website to the Next Level and Attract More Visitors



Real Specific Help

Online Live Web Design Group Coaching

When you enroll in some of our Toto programs (the Toto Coaching Entire Website Course or Toto Fast Track w/coaching), you will have access to our live, online, group coaching sessions!

Learn from others as we answer other students' questions as well!

Great Results

You Will Build Your Website Correctly

Your website will be built correctly so that Google understands it and returns it in search, as well as visitors understand it and trust you, and engage with you!


Save Time

Online Web Design Classes & Videos are in One Place

When it comes to learning how to build a website, the process can seem daunting and nearly impossible if you’re trying to teach yourself from online resources. Videos are often too technical or not technical enough, leaving you no closer to your goal of building a website than when you started.

That’s why we created an organized website building course that offers step-by-step instructions for beginners like me. With this course, you will avoid wasting time searching online for answers and instead get straight into the practical tasks that would help me build my first website.

Save Money

Toto Coaching is Affordable

All of the lessons we are teaching is what web developers would charge you thousands of dollars to do and you are doing this yourself.


Follow a Proven Path

Your Web Building Tasks are Organized

Since 1994 we have perfected a process that results in an amazing website.  Our process is organized, simple, and easy to follow.  You will not be overwhelmed with work, you will be overwhelmed with joy!


How to Make a Website on Any Platform

Our Full Web-Building Course and Fast Track program content applies to all platforms.  Whether you are using WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy or another online web builder platform, this class will help you develop your website.  We are teaching you the "secrets" that web developers learn throughout their careers... concepts and processes that work on any website.

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What You Get With Toto Coaching


Save time with self-paced, online lessons and classes that you can complete on your own schedule


Save money with professional guidance to create a website that gets found online


Save your sanity with organized, easy-to-understand training modules


Feel empowered with weekly online coaching sessions where you can have your questions answered


Feel confident you are building your website the right way


Get better results than what an inexperienced web developer would provide


The Toto Coaching experience leads to a finished and launched high-quality website, ultimately getting higher-quality customers

Ignite Your Success

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