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Jennifer DeRosa is the author of

Building DIY Websites for dummies

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Live Coaching

Seasoned coaches will answer your questions and guide you through everything you need to know in our weekly live zoom sessions.

Easy Lessons

Learn web design from scratch and build your own stunning websites after watching easy to understand video lessons on your own time.

Proven Process

Follow a proven process that was developed over the last 23 years to redesign or create your own website. This process makes it easy to build a website correctly.

“Take the class if you want to develop a quality site, and if you want to learn about making your site visible in the wider world.

Anyone can throw together a few pages on Wix or Weebly.

This is about building an honest-to-goodness website from the ground up.”

- Kelli Carrington

Take Your Self-Built Website to the Next Level and Attract More Visitors

TOTO Coaching is two things:

Web Building Course

1. An Online Course

Toto Coaching is an online Website Building Course with videos, quizzes, and assignments that are organized, easy to understand, and guided.  

Video lessons are presented in the best order for web building and learning.  Our coaching videos are fun and most are less than 10 minutes.  

From start to finish, we will walk you through the process of building an amazing website.

How to Build a Website

2. Live Video Coaching

If you would like to enhance your learning, join our online coaching sessions with a coach that has years of experience building websites for many companies and organizations around the United States.  Live group coaching sessions happen weekly.

Depending on your needs, you can also choose private website building and design coaching!  You will be assigned an experienced, dedicated coach.

Do you want to know how to create a website that is effective and sells?
Toto Coaching is a guided course for building a DIY website, taught by experts.

Toto Coaching is the
#1 Website Building Course
with Training Videos, Quizzes
and Live Coaching

Pick a Program That Fits Your Needs

Toto Coaching

Full Web Building Course

The Toto Full Web Building Course will teach you SO MUCH! You will understand almost everything a web developer understands! 

This course is for Marketing Managers, Non-Profits, Medium and Small Businesses (especially ones who have regular meetings to look at their numbers and positioning!) who want to take their time and DO IT RIGHT!

Shorter & Faster

Toto Fast Track Course

The Toto Fast Track Course will teach you the basics:  the most important things you need to know to build your website. You will understand what you need to do and in what order to do them.

This course is for small businesses, entrepreneurs and others who don't have a ton of time to watch a lot of lessons, and who don't want to know EVERYTHING about building a website - just the essentials so they can get on with building their business!

Zip Through

Fast Track with No Coaching

If the Toto Fast Track Course is for you, but you don't have time for the live coaching or don't want the live coaching, select this program.

This course is for startups and those who are super busy, and who don't want to know EVERYTHING about building a website. If you want to get some amazing, expert advice that will bring leads to your website and keep them there, but you don't have a ton of time, this program is for you!

Grow Your Business with a Website that Works

Many DIY small business owners struggle to generate traffic to their self-built websites, often due to a lack of expertise in crucial areas such as SEO, content creation, and design. These websites may fail to attract visitors because they don't rank well on search engines, lack engaging content, or have an unappealing design.


The Toto Coaching Full Web Building and Fast Track Programs are specifically designed to address these issues and help you transform your DIY website into a traffic magnet.


By learning effective SEO strategies, crafting compelling content tailored to your target audience, and creating a visually stunning design, you'll optimize your website to attract more visitors and improve its overall performance.


With the expert guidance provided in the Toto Course, you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to turn your DIY website into a powerful tool that drives growth and success for your small business.

Stop Wasting Time Watching Random Videos

Follow a Proven Path and Successfully Build a Website Yourself

Save Time Building Your Website and Avoid Frustration


Curious? Watch our Lesson Trailers

Our video course modules are professional, easy to understand, and fun.
Enjoy a couple trailers we put together from two of our lessons.

Learn from Toto Coach, Jennifer.

Web Coach Josh Friendly

Learn from Toto Coach, Josh.

build own website scratch painting square

Let's be real

If someone bought Picasso’s paintbrush...

would they automatically be able to create a masterpiece?

OF COURSE NOT!  And just because you sign up for a website-building platform doesn't mean you will automatically "know" everything it takes to build a website that will resonate with visitors, sell your products and services, or be found and recommended by search engines like Google!

You have the tools. Now learn to use them like a PRO, with Toto Coaching!


Guided Coaching


Proven Strategies


Amazing Results

TOTO Coaching web building class is for:


Small Business Owners














Offices that want to keep web development in-house


Regular people who want to build a fantastic websites on their own

TOTO Coaching is different than any website building class or program out there.
Hear why from our customers.


Introductory Offer: Receive 20% Off

More customer reviews

One of the Greatest Tech Teachers I’ve Met

Stephanie Miller

Jennifer is bar none, one of the greatest tech teachers I’ve met. We worked with her to do a revamp of our entire technology and web relationship for our business, we expected a skilled provider, but never anticipated what a great educator she was

I Truly Value Her Mentorship

Kristin H.

Jennifer has always been a caring, competent, and friendly professional to work with. I have always been beyond impressed with her willingness to teach me everything she knew and explain technical things in a clear and digestible manner. As a designer and professional, I know from experience that this is a rare quality to find in a business person.  I have worked and collaborated with Jennifer over the last 10 years on custom design projects. Jennifer is a true professional and will always put in her maximum effort with every project and client she works with, making sure to answer and inform her clients with any questions they may have about technology and design. She makes sure to listen to her client’s pain points and addresses them with actionable steps that produce superior results. She has an impressive track record of success with building custom websites, and I truly value her mentorship.

It’s Her Passion!

Michael LeBlanc

I have known Jennifer for over 20 years! From the very beginning, she transformed our business online persona to reflect the most modern trends and more effective strategies so we were better found (and understood) online. Along the way, she taught my staff and I to be empowered. After all, isn’t it better to teach a person to fish instead of catching them their dinner?

Here is what’s best about Jennifer. It’s her PASSION! Whatever she does, she does so with all her energy. She inspires everyone she touches with an infectious love for creating effective websites and naturally self-driven technologies. She also explains things in simple enough terms so all of us could become productive.

When we started with Jennifer we were only 6 employees. Now we are 24. We are grateful for her advice and counsel along the way. I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone looking to up their game in the online realm!

You Can’t Go Wrong in Working With Her!

Whitney Lowe

I have been working with Jennifer for seven years and extremely happy with our service. She has continually provided unique and innovative strategies and solutions for our web development needs. I originally found her with a simple Google search when I was looking into some aspects of search engine optimization or our website. Our company is on the opposite side of the country and not associated with any local search results, so the fact that she came up in the search made me recognize that she knew a great deal about search engine optimization and building good website experiences.

I find her very easy to work with and we have always been able to get immediate responses when we had challenges or problems that needed to be addressed quickly. I am so pleased to see that Jennifer is venturing out into the teaching arena to show other people how to do these things and you can’t go wrong in working with her!

Taught Me How to be Effective With My Website

Jenny Lambrech

Jennifer has taught me how to be effective with my website! It was very important to me that my website look clean and professional and my dessert pictures look sharp and inviting. I learned so much from Jennifer and her company on how to manage uploading pictures and changing text on my site. She is a wonderful and patient teacher while teaching me all the ins and outs of web design. She has insightful ideas and took the time to get to know me and the style I was looking to achieve. Her support team couldn’t be any more attentive! The response time is quick and extremely helpful!

How to do Things Properly

Rob Kurtz

I met Jennifer and her husband at a Techo-Bloc paving block event. They were both very helpful to my landscaping business. Her husband showed me the wide variety of outdoor grilling components I could sell to my clients.

Jennifer and her team completely reworked my website and I get a lot of very positive feedback from this makeover.. They were great to work with and helped me understand how to do things properly while allowing me to use my artistic license. I would highly recommend them.

Incredible in Helping me Learn

Bethany Simmonds

I work for a nonprofit, and Jennifer and her team built the website that we use. Jennifer has been wonderful to work with and has been incredible in helping me learn how to update and make changes to the website!

My Highest Recommendation!

George Bakes

I have been working with Jennifer for over 25+ years. She is exceptional, very thorough and produces a superior product based on your exact specifications. I give Jennifer my highest recommendation!

Removes the Mystery from the Immense World of Website Development and Technology

Caroline Daifotis

People try to do many things themselves, to save time and money; but to be successful, you need good guidance and instruction. This is especially critical in the ever-changing world of digital marketing and website development. In my personal, professional, and civic endeavors, my go-to coach over the last 20 years has been Jennifer DeRosa. Her vast knowledge, teaching style and commitment to her clients is unparalleled. She breaks down complicated tasks into bite size pieces. She removes the mystery from the immense world of website development and technology. She gives clear instruction and usable feedback during the learning process. Her tips have saved me time and frustration on countless occasions. While I like to think of myself as a competent digital communications and website manager, I owe my growing skill set and capabilities to Jennifer and Toto Coaching.

Kept Up With the Myriad of Changes

Richard G. Ryder

Jennifer has always been very patient with us older clients, who don’t have a clue about the inner workings of websites. She has kept up with the myriad of changes that have occurred in the nether world of computers and websites. Back in 1973, while at Cornell, I had trouble learning Fortran programming language. We used Hollerith/IBM (key punched our own) cards!
So much has changed, but Jennifer has kept up with all of it.
She makes things look easy, when they are not.

Highly Recommended

Anthony Corazzini

Excellent experience. Highly recommended. Jen is very knowledgeable and helpful.

Genuinely Interested In Seeing My Business Grow

Lawrence Levy

It was so great working with Toto. It is very apparent they have many years of experience in this field given their depth of knowledge and the clarity with which they are able to explain and instruct. I have very little understanding of tech-related things and am often hesitant take on things myself, but they take you through everything step by step with a lot of patience, which is what I needed. They have the spirit of true teachers, and they are genuinely interested in seeing my business grow. I am very grateful to have worked with them.

Creativity and Technology Know-How

Khristine Carroll

Jennifer’s responsiveness, professionalism, creativity and technology know-how has helped to establish a website and web-based presence which has helped to successfully brand our organization. She is truly gifted and will be a great teacher/coach to others hoping to gain expertise in this field.

Teaching Methodologies Through Explanations

Doug Gunsolley

I have worked with Jennifer for over 10 years. Her teaching methodologies and thorough explanations really take the mystery out of technology. She makes learning accessible and affordable. she has helped our business tremendously over the years. Highly recommend!

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