Step One of Creating an Effective Website

Can you answer YES to these questions?

Keep reading for essential details about how to improve your message.


Are you addressing your customer's pain points right here?


Are you letting the visitor know how you can solve their problems right here?


Is your message an emotional hook?


Does your headline explain what your customer gets? (your offer)


Are you explaining what one can do with your offer?

If you answered


to one or more of these questions above, Congratulations! ???? You have passed step ONE of creating an effective website!

But there is more....

Creating an effective website isn’t hard when you have the right roadmap. Let’s see how easily you can answer YES to these questions, too!

Your next steps:

  1. Are you using an amazing font on your website*?
  2. Have you optimized the images on your website*?
  3. Do you have impactful content on each page of your website*?
  4. Have you placed calls to action on your pages*?
  5. Have you identified the keywords that drive traffic to your website*?
  6. Is your website optimized for SEO*?
  7. There are a ton of other steps to creating an effective website, do you pass those tests*?


If you did not answer yes to all of these questions, you would benefit from taking the Toto Coaching Course!

If you answered


to these questions above, you are on your way to creating a website that pre-sells your products or services and that converts leads????!

Your next steps:

  1. Start to think like your customer by creating 1-5 buyer personas*
  2. Write down all of the problems your customer has, the benefits of your solution, and the features of your offer that address each issue*
  3. Use this information to create a short, impactful statement that fulfills one or more of your customer's pain points*
  4. Keywords are important! Take the list of your customer’s problems and highlight all the words they’re using in their search terms. Build your pages addressing these topics. Create a call to action on each page, provide links to invaluable content, and show the visitor how your offer will solve their problem.*
  5. And for sure, check out the Toto Coaching course below and learn how it can save you time, money, sanity, and guide you in creating an AMAZING website yourself!!!

*We teach you all of these points in the Toto Coaching Course!

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