Toto Fast Track:
An Awesome Web Design Crash Course

 in 28 Days

See Exactly How You Will Optimize Your Website in Just 4 Weeks

In this overview video, you'll see why our structured approach leads to real, lasting improvements that transform DIY websites into thriving online assets.

Becuase we get it; as a DIY small business owner, you've poured your heart into building your website, only to find it's not attracting the traffic you had hoped for.

Our course will teach you the essentials of SEO, content creation, and design that may have eluded you when creating your website.

No more wondering why your website isn't showing up on search engines, or why visitors aren't sticking around.

With expert guidance, you'll transform your website into a traffic magnet that not only looks great but also effectively engages your target audience.

"Build a website myself in 28 days?"


Are you short on time and money?


Is the full Toto Website Building program too much of a commitment?


Want to build or rebuild a lead generating website yourself?


Check out our Toto Fast Track!


Created with entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and those who are super busy and don't have a huge budget in mind.


Plus a Bonus Lesson!

Toto Fast Track Comes in Two Flavors: With or Without Live Coaching
(Choose a Plan)


Lessons, Quizzes and Handouts
With Weekly Live Coaching!

*Continued access to live weekly coaching and all videos for $49.99/month after 28 days


Lessons, Quizzes, and Handouts
WITHOUT Live Coaching

*Continued access to videos for $9.99/month after 28 days

What you get with the Fast Track program


Course curriculum will guide you how to build a website properly from start to finish in 15 lessons


You will receive a new lesson each day for 15 days


Live coaching sessions are available to you on a weekly basis. Come to the online video meetings with your questions!  Listen to what others are asking and learn from your peers as well as our coaches!


You will build a website and have access to all of the lessons and live coaching for 28 days


After 28 days, if you have not completed your website, or if you love learning and would like to have continued access to the lesson material and the live coaching, purchase a subscription for a low monthly fee


Time to Get Serious

Unleash Your Website's Full Potential

Is your website not living up to its potential? The Toto Coaching Fast Track Program is here to turn things around quickly, setting your website on the fast track to success. Our expert guidance and easy-to-follow course will empower you to build a professional, visually stunning, and effective website that truly reflects your brand's awesomeness.

Save Money

Toto Coaching is Affordable

All of the lessons we are teaching is what web developers would charge you thousands of dollars to do and you are doing this yourself.


Live Website Guidance

Live Weekly Coaching

When you enroll in any of Toto programs that include live group coaching, you will have access to our weekly coaching sessions on Zoom! Learn from others as we answer other students' questions as well! (Toto Fast Track is available with and without live coaching. See website for details.)

Follow a Proven Path

Expert Guidance for Every Step

No more fumbling in the dark! With the Toto Coaching Fast Track Program, you'll receive step-by-step guidance on crafting compelling content, finding or taking eye-catching visuals, implementing search engine optimization. Say goodbye to website woes and hello to a thriving online presence.


Implement SEO

Boost Your Online Visibility

Toto Fast Track teaches you how to strategically use keywords and other SEO techniques to improve your website's search engine ranking and online visibility. Let's focus on moving your website up in search, attracting more visitors and potential customers.

Learn Concepts

This is Just the Beginning

Your website's journey doesn't end with its launch. The Toto Coaching Program equips you with the knowledge to maintain and grow your online presence as your business expands, ensuring your website remains a powerful tool for success.


Frequently Asked Questions About the Fast Track Program

Once you sign up, you will have access to all of the video lessons and live coaching for 28 days, and you are able to extend your membership on a monthly basis with a monthly subscription for as long as you would like!

Some of our students like to keep the monthly access to refresh their memory or to have help when they would like to make tweaks to the website.

Remember, your website is an integral part of your sales process and the more attention you give it over the years, the better it will perform, and the more leads you should get. Keep your membership and attend the live coaching sessions to get new, fresh ideas as your business grows.

Ah, this is a great question. We have built this class so that you should be able to complete your website comfortably in 4 weeks.  You can do this faster or slower depending on:

  • If you have a logo and color scheme already
  • How much time you have to put into building your website
  • How much copy you already have written that you can repurpose
  • How many images, photos, and videos you have taken already
  • How organized you are (Do you have your photos organized on your computer sorted by name or into folders?)
  • How decisive you are
  • How many pages you will have on your website

We have built small 4-5 page brochure-type websites in a weekend so it can be done!  We have built this class so that you should be able to complete your website comfortably in 4 weeks.

We have recorded 15 video lessons if you choose to watch all lessons.  

You can also choose to attend our hour-long live coaching sessions.

Besides the video lessons and the live coaching, you will need to set aside time to build your website. Some of our lessons have time baked into the lesson so that you can pause the video, do some work, and then resume the lesson. Others will have an assignment for you to complete on your own time after watching the lesson.  The amount of time that the assignments take you depends on how much material you have prepared already and how organized you are.

Yes!  We hope that you watch ALL of the video lessons so that you have comprehensive knowledge regarding building your website, but certainly if you already understand a concept you don't need to watch that lesson.

The lessons have been put together in order: we have perfected this process over 25 years of building websites with many, many customers and it works.  We suggest you watch the videos and do the assignments in the order presented to get the most out of our course with the least frustration, but you are a free person and you can feel free to watch them in a different order.

To get the best results, you will be working on your website as you go along.  Sometimes we will have you pause a lesson and complete some assignments right while watching a video lesson. Other times we will give you an assignment that you should complete prior to watching the next lesson.  

If you have a lot of time and you are the type of person that likes to have an overview of what you should do prior to starting a task, you could watch all of the video lessons, then go back to the beginning and complete the assignments for each one. 

Either way, you will have guidance throughout the web-building process.

You should choose the platform that you personally feel the most comfortable using.  We assume in this Fast Track course that you have already chosen a platform.  If you have not, we have included an optional, bonus lesson that will help you choose a platform.

Also, remember that you can always start with one platform initially and as you outgrow the platform you can rebuild on a different platform that meets your needs later on in your business growth.  Yes, it will be more work to rebuild your website on a different platform, but after taking this course you will have an understanding of all the concepts you need as well as a base of a website with content, so the work will be not as intensive as building your first website.  

To use the software to build your website, you need to learn things like how to add a heading or a photo or a paragraph to a page, how to create a new page, how to change your logo, colors, fonts, and more. Some platforms make this easier than others for sure!

Toto Coaching gives you a solid understanding of website building and best practices.

We will not go over how exactly to use the software you are using to build your website. Many of the platforms available have wonderful support areas where you can look up answers to your questions, they have a support help desk where you can send a ticket in about an issue or question, or there are tons of videos online that explain how to use the software.  

We do have a user group where you can ask questions of other Toto students and get feedback, and you can also answer questions that other students have as well!

If you have enrolled in the Fast Track program with coaching, then Yes!  During some of our live, weekly coaching sessions, we will answer questions regarding website building from our students! Fast Track comes in two flavors: one with coaching and one without.

Yes!  Many of our students already have a website that is either complete or half-built.  

Some of our students have started this process and have gotten frustrated because they are not experts in web building, they are experts in their field. Toto Coaching is perfect in this situation because these students know what they are looking for, and have already discovered how much they don't know!  

Some of our students have a live website that they have problems editing or they would like to make their website better.  Toto Coaching is perfect in this situation because our course is all about making your website the best it can be - building it properly.

Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee within 5 days of signing up for our Fast Track students.

We hope that you are able to finish your website by yourself like so many of our students, but sometimes life gets in the way and you get too busy, we understand.  Since we have been in this industry so long, we do have referrals in this case.

Yes. One of the biggest differences in the Toto Coaching course compared to others is that we explain technical things in plain, normal English language that anyone can understand. The scripts for our lessons have been watched and reviewed by a cross-section of different people with different technical levels who have given us feedback to make sure that we are clear when we explain a concept!

Yes! If you would like private coaching, you have two options:

  1. You can sign up for private website coaching hours a-la-carte by the hour.  You will receive intensive sessions with a seasoned web developer who will answer your questions, look at your website, and give you advice.  This is a great option for those who want to build an amazing website and are looking for a personal guide. Learn more here:
  2. Sign up for our full Toto Coaching course with 5 hours of private coaching included. With this option, you get the course lessons, the live, weekly coaching and the 5 private coaching sessions when you feel they would be most beneficial to you.

    You will receive intensive sessions with a seasoned web developer who will answer your questions, look at your website, and give you advice.  This is a great option for those who want to build an amazing website and are looking for a personal guide.

    Learn more about our Toto 1-on-1 here:

Toto Fast Track is for


Busy Small Business Owners


Solopreneurs with no time


Entrepreneurs who want to get to the point


Clubs that need a presence


Organizations that just need a great website


Startups that need something up quick


Regular people who want to build a fantastic websites on their own

Here are some questions we will answer

What is SEO?

How do I perform keyword research?

How do I set up my Google Business Profile (Google My Business)?

How can I create a website that will resonate with visitors?

How do I create a site map?

How do I write copy for good SEO?

How do I find, take and optimize images for my website?

What makes good design?

How should I lay out my pages?

How do I go live?

Fast Track to Website Success: Optimize Your DIY Site in Just Weeks