Access the Webinar Now: How to Hire an SEO Agency: Interview Questions to Ask

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Recording Date: August 28, 2023

This Webinar Recording Covers:


What a trustworthy SEO Agency should be doing to enhance your website’s reach


Which services merit your investment and which simply don’t


About real life examples of blunders small businesses have made


About costly tricks used by some SEO agencies

Presented by

Web Coach Jennifer Smiling

Former Web Development Agency Owner
Founder of Toto Coaching
Toto Coach

Jennifer DeRosa

Jennifer DeRosa recently sold her web development agency, TechCare, which was founded in 2001.  She has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations across the US, building websites that are effective, build trust, and presell products and services.

Jennifer has taken over 28 years of web building knowledge and created an online course with coaching for entrepreneurs, small businesses, organizations and others who are building a website for their company.  This course, TOTO Coaching, teaches you all you need to know about building a website. It is organized, easy to follow, and effective.

Web Coach Josh Friendly

Toto Coach
Digital Marketing Strategist
Web Developer

Joshua Libatique

Joshua is a Design graduate from San Francisco. After building his first portfolio site for a photography business in 2009, he fell in love with designing and developing effective websites and has been doing it professionally ever since. He now works as an internet strategist and web developing consultant for multiple agencies, and has consulted for a variety of national organizations and businesses that rely on their websites to generate Millions in annual revenue.

Josh says, “I’m proud to team up with TOTO Coaching to deliver an online website-building course that’s different from any course available right now. So many courses and YouTube videos focus only on the general details of building a website, but leave out the problems and pitfalls that developers and agency owners know from years of experience. TOTO’s approach takes your website building skills from minus zero to 100 and beyond, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it!”