It’s Her Passion!

Michael LeBlanc


I have known Jennifer for over 20 years! From the very beginning, she transformed our business online persona to reflect the most modern trends and more effective strategies so we were better found (and understood) online. Along the way, she taught my staff and I to be empowered. After all, isn’t it better to teach a person to fish instead of catching them their dinner?

Here is what’s best about Jennifer. It’s her PASSION! Whatever she does, she does so with all her energy. She inspires everyone she touches with an infectious love for creating effective websites and naturally self-driven technologies. She also explains things in simple enough terms so all of us could become productive.

When we started with Jennifer we were only 6 employees. Now we are 24. We are grateful for her advice and counsel along the way. I highly recommend Jennifer for anyone looking to up their game in the online realm!